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Are you looking to dramatically enhance your outdoor living space’s aesthetic appeal and functionality? Look no further! At Cardinal Tree Services & Lawn Care, we offer exceptional landscaping services in Knoxville, TN that will leave your residential property looking stunning. The skilled hardscape contractor and landscape designers provide personalized, top-notch design services and maintenance to create the perfect outdoor oasis for you and your family.

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Our residential landscape maintenance service aims to keep your garden and outdoor spaces fresh and healthy all year round. This comprehensive service includes regular lawn care, such as mowing, watering, and fertilizing; the upkeep of plants, shrubs, and trees; and ensuring that walkways, patios, and other hardscape elements are clean and well-maintained.
Bush Trimming

Bush Trimming

Our bush trimming service helps you maintain and enhance the aesthetic appeal of your garden by keeping your shrubs and bushes neatly trimmed and shaped. Whether you have a simple hedge or an intricately shaped topiary, we can handle any bush.
Flower Bed

Flower Bed

Our flower bed service includes the design, installation, and maintenance of beautiful and vibrant flower beds that enhance your garden’s visual appeal. We will work closely with you to select the perfect combination of flowering plants based on your preferences, soil type, and local climate.
Garden Design

Garden Design

Our garden design service involves working closely with you to create a customized outdoor space that reflects your style, taste, and functional needs. Our landscape design services will assess your existing garden layout, discuss your preferences and goals for the space, and draft a unique and tailored design plan.
Landscaping in General

Landscaping in General

Our general landscaping services encompass a wide range of solutions to improve your garden’s overall appearance and functionality. Whether installing new features such as pathways, pergolas, or water elements or revamping the existing layout with an updated design, our team of skilled landscapers will ensure your outdoor space is beautiful and practical.
River Rock Step and Stone

River Rock Step and Stone

Our river rock step and stone service offers an attractive and durable solution for enhancing the functionality and aesthetics of your outdoor space. These natural stone elements can be integrated into your landscape, creating beautiful pathways, stepping stones, or decorative borders for flower beds and garden features.

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Landscaping service
Landscaping service

Perks of Cardinal Tree Services & Lawn Care services:

Our affordable landscaping services make your home stand out in the neighborhood with a meticulously designed and maintained landscape. Our experienced hardscape contractors understand the importance of incorporating attractive, functional, and low-maintenance features in your yard, ultimately increasing your property’s value and curb appeal. Our design services provide a beautiful outdoor space and guarantee a cost-effective solution for your landscaping needs.

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Our working process:

The expert landscape designer works diligently to provide an extensive selection of innovative ideas and designs that suit your requirements. Using high-quality materials and professional craftsmanship, our team ensures a seamless and hassle-free process, from conceptualization to implementation and maintenance. Our landscape maintenance services are tailored to your specific needs, ensuring longevity and preserving the beauty of your landscape.

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Take the first step towards creating your dream outdoor space by contacting us today at (865) 297-8983 in Knoxville, TN! Together, we will make your vision a reality.

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by Nicholas Armstrong on Cardinal Tree Services & Lawn Care
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I'm so happy with the work the hardscape contractor did for me! They were fast, efficient and very professional. I am happier with the results and would highly recommend them to anyone who needs to have their hardscape done.

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